Cactus attends BETA reception at the House of Lords

UK Managing Director Richard Bradford and English Product Manager Stephanie Bon joined over 150 industry members, MPs and peers at the House of Lords last week to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the British Educational Travel Association.

This was a wonderful chance for Cactus to catch up with school partners and agents and, importantly, to stay in touch with what’s going on in the industry. The event brought together members of the youth, student and educational travel industry as well as government departments, who together are trying to promote travel abroad for educational purposes. Not only does this give British young people the opportunity to see the world and gain better skills, it is an important ingredient for the future prosperity of the British economy as it contributes to our resources, wealth and social fabric.

Meeting at an event such as this prestigious invitation-only parliamentary reception provided the ideal grounds from which to promote the interests of the industry and communicate the message at the highest level to government and tourism authorities.

Richard and Steph were able to meet members of organisations dealing with inbound, outbound and domestic tourism, including youth and student tour operators, language schools, gap year and volunteering organisations, school travel organisers, work exchange programme organisers, overseas delegates and more.

(In the above image from the reception, Steph appears at the far right and Richard fourth from the right).

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