French Language with the Experts

If you’re interesting in learning the French language as a beginner,

remember the basics from school and want to get started again, or have a good level of French and just want to get better, the articles here can help you on your French language learning journey. Consider to be one of the most beautiful of European languages French holds an allure and attraction for all language learners. French also gives you the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful cities, landscapes and countryside in the world. So whether you need to negotiate in French for business, or perhaps plan to retire there one day, speaking and learning the French language will certainly add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your everyday. And if you have any French related queries that you haven’t found the answer to yet get in contact with us here, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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Top 5 romantic places to learn a language

If you want to show your love but preferably not with 50 other couples crammed into the same restaurant, a lone candle between them, then Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to nip abroad...

Research project for French speakers in London - earn £50!

Opportunity for French speakers to earn £50 for a 40-minute…
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French Christmas carols: chants de Noël

Bring some festive fun into your home this Christmas with these traditional Christmas carols...en français!
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NEW adult evening courses in London - starting Jan 2015

Take your pick from 8 fantastic locations for our upcoming courses…
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Top 5 cities for Christmas shopping

If you're bored of your local high street or stuck for inspiration, how better to put the fun back into Christmas shopping than with a quick break away? Unusual gifts for loved ones and a sneaky holiday for you - it's a win-win situation!
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Top 5 Halloween destinations in Europe

There are plenty of cities around the world that are steeped in history and mystery, but these five offer some of the spookiest tours and ghostwalks around...not for the faint-hearted!
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Halloween vocabulary in French

A must if you'll be in France over Halloween, our essential vocab will make sure you know your skeletons from your vampires...
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Where are the Best Language Schools in the World?

Good value and quality tuition in the world's best locations...these…