What’s the difference between 5 and 10-week evening courses?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the two, including their differences and their benefits.

1. Do the 5 and 10-week courses have the same total amount of hours?

Yes, both courses comprise a total of 20 hours, just delivered in different formats. 10-week courses have one 2-hour session per week, and 5-week courses have two 2-hour sessions each week.

2. Is there any difference in syllabus between the two courses?

No – the syllabus is exactly the same. Because of this, the course levels are interchangeable – you could do a 5-week course and then choose the 10-week course when you take the next level up, or vice versa.

3. What are the benefits of doing a 5-week course?

Ultimately, whether you choose a 5-week or 10-week course will depend on your location, your weekly availability, how long you have to learn the skills that you require and what style of learning suits you best. 5-week courses are beneficial in that:

• You can learn a lot in a short amount of time, which means anyone planning a last-minute trip abroad can still learn what they need to before they go

• You learn more intensively, and have less time between lessons, which means it’s sometimes easier to retain what you have learnt

• It can be easier to ‘clear’ your diary of commitments for 5 weeks so that you are available for every lesson.

4. What are the advantages of doing a 10-week course?

10-week courses remain the standard format for evening lessons in a foreign language. They involve one 2-hour session per week, and are therefore less time-intensive in weekly terms. They also have the following benefits:

• They are offered in more locations and more languages than 5-week courses

• They offer a manageable study option for people who have little free time

• They give students lots of time to practise what they have learnt each week in their own time before moving on to the next lesson.

5. Which course type is the most popular format?

Our experience has shown us that more of our students want to attend class just one evening a week, which is why there are more 10-week than 5-week courses. Currently, 5-week courses are available in London (various locations), Brighton, Liverpool and Sheffield.

6. Do the 5 and 10-week courses cost the same?

Yes, the courses are priced the same. London–based courses start at £179, and regional courses at £159.

7. Are 5-week courses available in the same languages as the 10 week ones?

Currently, 5-week courses are offered in Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian and European), Spanish and Turkish. We offer 10-week courses in all of these languages, and more – including Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Thai, Greek and Hindi, to name a few. For full language listings please visit the Language Courses UK website.

8. Do the 5-week courses have the same start dates as the 10-week ones?

No.10-week courses start at four different times of the year – in January, April, July and October. 5-week courses are usually offered in September, November, February and June*.

*Please note that start dates for 5-week courses can sometimes vary from year to year, please check our site to confirm specific dates.

Cactus offers a wide range of other language training options in addition to evening courses, including individual tuition, weekend ‘crash’ courses and immersion courses abroad. We encourage people to learn in whatever way suits them best, whether that’s with one course, or a mixture of formats and lengths. Please feel free to contact us for advice on what to choose, or visit our site to test your level.

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