5 top destinations to visit this fall - alternative languages

For you, we’re listing our recommendations of the best language course locations in the rest of the world this Fall.

1. Rabat, Morocco

An exotic, imperial city sitting on a Morocco’s Atlantic coast, Rabat is a combination of Arabic tradition and European elegance. Its origins date back to the 7th century, yet it is a relaxed and well-kept city with wide, tree-lined boulevards, parks, embassies and government buildings. Visit Rabat in the Fall and you’ll be treated to mild and mostly dry weather, just avoiding the summer heat and the winter rain – perfect if you want to dedicate yourself to learning Arabic and exploring this fascinating city.

Arabic courses in Rabat, Morocco

2. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most dynamic cities, a busy, 24-hour hotbed of Chinese tradition and Western influence. From deep-fried fish balls on a street corner to cocktails in a high-rise hotel, from early morning tai chi to late night partying, from a commuter ferry across the harbour to a leisurely tram ride up Victoria peak, the city offers a million and one experiences in a day.

Chinese Mandarin Courses in Hong Kong, China

Chinese Cantonese courses in Hong Kong, China

3. Fukuoka, Japan

Coming out an impressive 14th in a recent survey of the world’s most liveable cities, Fukuoka comes into its prime during the Fall as the temperature is pleasant and mild. It is also the perfect time to visit the city’s stunning Yusentei Japanese Garden, the leaves having turned a spectacular fire red and burnt orange in colour, and its Komyozenji Temple, a perfect place to take off your shoes, sit on the wooden veranda and contemplate a moment of tranquility. As for Fukuoka, this is one of Japan’s most important and influential cities, enviably surrounded by mountains and sea – a great place to base yourself this Fall to learn Japanese.

Japanese courses in Fukuoka, Japan

4. Porto, Portugal

There’s a lot more to Porto than the Port wine for which it is famous – though it would of course be rude not to sample this delicious drink upon visiting. The capital of the Norte region in Portugal, Porto boasts a stunning historic centre, the Ribeira district, which is a Unesco World Heritage site of cobbled streets, winding lanes and wonky staircases, a true delight to explore. Immerse yourself in tradition and then take to the water with a Portuguese and Surfing course – Portugal’s Atlantic coast is renowned for its waves, and by Fall the sea will have reached its warmest.

Portuguese courses in Porto, Portugal

5. St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg is chock-full of tourists in the summer, but by Fall the crowds have dissipated and you can enjoy art at the Hermitage Museum, ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre and walking along the River Neva at your own pace. Built by Peter the Great, this fascinating city is distinctly European in style but it will always be the City of the Tsars, steeped in legend and intrigue.

Russian courses in St Petersburg, Russia

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