Academic year courses: real immersion in a language & culture

Surrounded by the sights and sounds of your new environment, you can’t help but soak up the language; as you naturally speak it in daily life, you will pick up vast amounts of vocabulary, and your comprehension and pronunciation will improve dramatically as your ear tunes into the sound of the language constantly around you.

On top of all this, taking a longer-term course such as an academic year programme will introduce you to people from across the globe – your common language being the one that you are all learning – and give you the unique opportunity to live in a lively, multicultural environment.

If you are serious about spending time abroad and want something to show for it, an academic year course in your language of choice is an excellent choice. Improved language skills marry with an increase of confidence and enhanced study and career prospects on your return.

With this in mind, we have listed our recommendations of locations which offer good long-term courses and which are fantastic places to stop and spend a while:


Please visit the Cactus Language website for details of all academic year courses worldwide.

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