Top 5 German course destinations this Fall

Here are our pick of the top 5 places to visit this September and October.

1. Berlin

Berlin is a city that is renowned internationally for its lively and varied cultural scene, and the array of festivals and shows taking place throughout September and October are testament to that. Some of the scheduled events include the Berlin International Literary Festival, Musikfest Berlin (September 2nd-21st), the Berlin Festival (September 10th-11th) and the Pyronale (September 3rd-4th), where international pyrotechnics companies compete to put on the best fireworks display at the Olympic Stadium. On a sporting note, there is also the Berlin Marathon (September 26th), one of the biggest marathons in the world, and in fact the event where Haile Gebrselassie set the new world record in 2008.

2. Vienna

If you choose Vienna as your study destination this Fall you’ll be totally spoilt for choice when it comes to free-time activities. Along with the usual sights and museums, you’ll be able to experience Vienna Fashion Week, the Vienna International Film Festival, the Long Night of the Museums, the Wien Modern contemporary music festival and perhaps best of all, Choco Vienna, where chocolatiers show off their finest creations for your consumption! Definitely not one to miss…

3. Munich image

Munich’s mass of leafy streets and array of parks make it a really pretty place to be as the seasons change and the green and yellow turns to orange and brown. That aside, there’s one thing in particular that attracts the tourists at this time of year – Oktoberfest. One of the biggest beer festivals in the world, it’s hugely popular with locals and tourists alike and will certainly give you an insight into one side of German culture! For anyone with more refined cultural tastes, September also sees the Open Art festival (September 10th-12th) and the AnderArt festival, Munich’s annual free festival of world cultures with music and performing arts from around the globe.

4. Zurich image

Zurich is a city that isn’t always an immediate choice for a German course, but it should be! It has loads to offer whether you’re a culture vulture, a sports fan, or a food and drink enthusiast. This Fall there are events that all of these types of people will enjoy – on a cultural level, you can enjoy the Long Night of the Museums, the Circus Monti, the Zurich Film Festival, and Jazznojazz Festival, sports-wise you can take part in SlowUp Lake Zurich, when people cycle, stroll or skate around the lake to raise awareness of pollution. There’s also the exciting ‘Freestyle’ (September 25th-26th), with top BMX riders, in-line skaters, skiers and skateboarders. Finally, any wine conoisseurs can head to Expovina, Switzerland’s largest wine exhibition held on 12 boats anchored in Zurich’s beautiful Bürkliplatz dock.

5. Hamburg image

With plenty of festivals and events happening during the Fall, Hamburg is a great place to spend time. During September and October you can enjoy the Hamburg Festival of Cultures, the Reeperbahn Festival and the Hamburg Film Festival, as well as the usual attractions. Anyone going to Hamburg has the added benefit of affordable courses, and more flexibility in terms of the intensity of courses too.

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