Why not take a GCSE or A Level revision course in the sun this October?

As the popularity of Spanish as a foreign language within UK schools grows, there are more students taking the subject at GCSE and A Level. Although tuition in British schools is often very good, there are endless benefits to be gained by spending some time in Spanish environments with native Spanish teachers – particularly in the final year of GCSE or A Level courses.

The promise of foreign shores, new classmates and a bit of sun can do wonders for even the most disenchanted student’s enthusiasm. And the more dedicated and diligent linguists will no doubt also recognise the huge benefits of learning with native speaker teachers whilst being immersed in the foreign language and culture that they’re studying.

The revision courses are available in Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella and Salamanca, and are specifically designed for UK students to attend in their school holidays.

The programme

Comprising 20 group lessons and 5 individual lessons, the week-long courses are designed to help students improve their:

• Core grammar, vocabulary, and level of communication.

• Oral communication, reading, and writing

• Communicative flexibility in different situations.

• Level of inter-cultural awareness; understanding the relation between the Hispanic community and the rest of the world.

The programme is open to all students in Years 10-13, and individual students will be assigned to a group of no more than 10 people for the morning classes which will focus on the four skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening – as well as relevant vocabulary and grammar. In addition, students are given 1 hour of one to one tuition a day to focus on skills specific to their exam.

Group bookings to this programme can form their own closed groups, or participate in open groups. If teachers wish to bring a group from their school, it is usually possible to organise discounts and free places for accompanying teachers.

Transport and accommodation

The schools that offer the courses are very aware of the extra responsibilities and requirements that come with offering juniors programmes, and as such are very careful to ensure their students safety, well-being, and happiness at all times. Host families are thoroughly checked, as are staff that meet and return students to the airport, and every effort is made to ensure that students feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Accommodation is always with a host family, and meals are all included in the price. For GCSE revision courses, students will usually be staying with the same family as another student on the same course.

Please note that GCSE revision courses are also available in Valencia – they consist of 20 lessons per week and also include airport transfers and host family accommodation with another student.

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