The advantages of using a language training company for your language learning needs

Here are some of the reasons why:

Flexibility and convenience

Language training companies can provide a huge variety of options when it comes to the format, frequency and focus of your lessons. They will discuss with you what you hope to achieve from the lessons, the time available, the levels of the potential students, and most importantly, your budget. Before the lessons begin, the language level and needs of the students will be assessed to ensure that the lessons are suitable and relevant to them.

The lessons might be delivered in your offices, online, over the phone, at the language training company, or even in the homes of individual members of your staff – whichever is most convenient. Some language training companies also have centres in other countries where students can be immersed in the language they’re studying, which is the most effective way to learn a language.

Specialist focus

The lessons can focus on teaching the language for particular areas relevant to your business, or can aim to raise general language proficiency. They are often asked to do this in a short space of time and do their best to fit as much into the lessons as possible. The lessons may also incorporate advice on business etiquette and other aspects of culture, or they may focus specifically on cultural training, which is very useful for staff who will be making regular visits to another country, or who are planning to relocate there.

Some language training companies create tailor-made language learning materials for individual companies in the form of textbooks, CDs, CD-ROMs and/or DVD. These might be designed for use in the lessons or for self-study. Detailed reports on the students’ progress are usually provided, and students can also be prepared for language proficiency exams.

Diverse range of languages and native-speaker teachers

Language training companies can usually arrange lessons in a wide range of languages, and with sufficient notice may be able to find tutors for just about any language. At training companies like Cactus, you can be sure that all tutors are native-speakers of the language they teach, and also that they are experienced and proficient at what they do. In fact, Cactus has a dedicated Academic Department to deal with teacher recruitment – expressly to ensure that this is the case.

Good return on investment

As this type of language training is very focused and designed to meet specific needs and abilities, it is often more effective than conventional lessons in language schools. It can also work out less expensive – particularly if tuition is provided for small groups of employees.

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