Spanish course in Brighton: Cactus staff review

Cactus intern Anne Blank tells us about her Spanish evening course in Brighton

I had just started my internship at Cactus and was really happy to hear that we offer Spanish part-time courses in Brighton. As I really love languages, I decided to take a 10 week part-time course in Brighton.

I had already learned Spanish for more than two years at school, but I didn’t feel very confident in using the language. I booked to start at Spanish level two, but I realised after my first lesson that the level was too low. Thankfully it is possible to change your level, and after talking to my colleagues I decided to go in at level four.

It was a really good decision to change level, because I changed to a course where I could practise the pronunciation rather than just grammar. After just a few lessons I already felt more confident using the language. It was a class in which I could learn to express myself and talk to native speakers. We also practised the grammar which was more of a revision for all us students, but it was really helpful.

Amaia, my teacher, was an amazing person who is passionate about teaching Spanish and giving her students an insight of the Spanish culture. She was very kind and helpful. We had a lot of fun, but we also worked really hard to improve our Spanish. In each lesson we played a game in order to learn new vocabulary or we just talked about our daily lives. We discussed different topics from our book but Amaia also prepared her own texts. To learn more about the Spanish culture we sometimes met in a Spanish bar, to have some Sangria or Spanish red wine. YUM!

As we were just a small group of students, our teacher had more time to look after each individual student, which was very helpful. It was sometimes a bit hard because Amaia tried to avoid speaking in English; on the other hand was it really good, because it can be exactly like this if you go to Spain.

All in all I can say, it was muy bien and I enjoyed learning more about the Spanish culture and language.

Cactus runs evening and part-time language courses in schools across London and in cities nationwide. Courses are available in over 20 languages and on regular start dates throughout the year.

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