Berlin – a fantastic place for any film buff

The festival has put Berlin firmly on the movie map, attracting actors, directors and film fans from all corners of the globe, and in 2012 it takes place from 9th-19th February

Established in 1951, while much of the city was still under post-war reconstruction, the festival represented an attempt by the Americans to bring back some of the artistic glory that had been associated with the city during the ‘Golden Twenties’.

Today, the Berlinale has grown to become Berlin’s largest cultural event, and has also become one of the most influential forums for the film industry, along with Venice and Cannes.

Although the Berlinale is most famous for showcasing world cinema and new talent, a number of big-name Hollywood films have won the ‘Golden Bear’ award in the past, including Rain Man (1989), In the Name of the Father (1994), Sense and Sensibility (1996) and The Thin Red Line (1999).

Although Berlin plays an important part on the international stage when it comes to the presenting and critiquing of films, it has another important association with the film industry too. As a place so rich in history, culture and with such international renown it has also formed the backdrop to many a fantastic film over the years.

There are literally hundreds of films produced by directors in both Germany and in Hollywood that have been set, or filmed in, Berlin, including ‘A Foreign Affair’, ‘The Bourne Supremacy’, ‘Goodbye Lenin’, ‘Run Lola, Run’, ‘The International’, ‘The Reader’ and ‘Valkyrie’. In recognition of this, it is now possible to do ‘film tours’ of Berlin to see for yourself where the filming of these took place. A great option for any film aficionado…

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