German course in Brighton: Cactus staff review

Endlich ist unser Kurs zu Ende. We have just gone through 10 weeks of amazing mental agility (lots of challenges!) and – admittedly at times frustration – but it has all been worth it.  I can have meaningful conversations in reasonable German now … rather than “pidgin” German.

I had been dabbling with German for many years, mainly with German and Swiss friends, students and in-laws, and thought that I should actually get serious about it for once, particularly as it is the fourth-most important language in our company.  I have had enough of only really understanding bits of conversations, not really knowing how to ask for specific things in shops, and basically not really being independent when I visit. There is nothing like the kick of getting around in another country and another culture, and dealing with clients, on your own terms.

My Level 7 (“Advanced”) course was the continuation of the previous two levels that I had done in German – same teacher, mostly the same students, and the one new student was really an asset. We were also an international body – one German-British, one British, one Finnish, one Australian and one Polish – and of course our German teacher Regine. Even though abilities ranged from really advanced down to “intermediate”, nobody was allowed to feel too good or not good enough, and Regine has this amazing ability to be inclusive, which is so important for building self confidence when you want to learn a language. I had her rolling in her seat laughing sometimes with my “inventions”!

And, the best of all, we are going to continue!  These Cactus courses are really answering our needs.

Cactus offers evening courses in a range of languages around the UK, the US and Canada. Courses are offered in 5 or 10-week format, although intensive 1-week and weekend courses are aslo available. Please visit the dedicated evening course website for full course listings, to test your language level, or to book.

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