Why language holidays abroad are great for single travellers

Whilst confident, independent travellers often enjoy meeting new people and having companions to spend time with, it’s not generally an essential element of their travels. For the many people who find themselves without a permanent travel companion, and who aren’t used to independent foreign travel though, heading abroad alone can sometimes seem either daunting, or just plain uninspiring.

Whilst there are holiday firms that specialise in ‘single’ travel, these holidays might not be what you want out of a trip abroad. For anyone who wants to combine their time abroad with really integrating into the culture, and learning some of the language, a language holiday abroad can be a great option.

Language schools tend, in general, to attract very friendly, sociable and open-minded people, and often students who enrol in a course will be there alone. Language courses abroad provide single travellers with:

1. A ready-made group of companions, including other people who are travelling alone.

2. Help finding accommodation and the option not to have to stay on their own- they can choose to stay with other students or with a local family.

3. Interesting ways to fill their days, including organised excursions to local places of interest, or specific sporting or cultural activities (included in the course).

4. Transfers to and from the airport to the accommodation – especially useful if they’re in a new country, or don’t feel confident about using public transport.

For single travellers over the age of 50, there is also the option to take a course intended solely for people of this age group, known as ‘young at heart’ courses. They are currently available at locations in France, Italy and Spain, and are designed to incorporate cultural rather than overly energetic activities, and to enable people at the same stage of life and with similar interests to enjoy each other’s company.

For full listings of language courses abroad, and information on prices and start dates, please visit the Cactus Language website.

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