Italian courses in Campania - Naples, Sorrento and Salerno

Learning Italian in any of these cities would be a fantastic experience, but the three locations are undeniably different.  Read the short descriptions below to discover which one would be best for you.


The capital of the Campania region, Naples is one of Italy’s most famous and iconic cities. Naples may not be one of the most refined or glamorous cities in Italy, but it has an energy about it that makes it a massively exciting place to be. Add to that its stunning coastal setting, its world-class gastronomy and its astounding history and you’ve got a pretty amazing place. Of course, Naples’ slightly chaotic and ‘edgy’ vibe won’t be to everyone’s taste, but the people are friendly and laid-back and will be proud to show you their beloved city.

One benefit of studying in Naples rather than its smaller counterparts is that it can offer more value for money. Learning Italian in Naples will also give you a real sense of the traditions that Italian culture is based on. The city really embodies the Latin spirit that Italians are so famous for, and demonstrates the huge importance that religion still plays in Italian life and values.

The school in Naples offers General, Individual and Combined Italian courses at all levels. Accommodation is offered in a shared apartment, in either a twin or single room.


Across the Bay of Naples, to the south of the region’s capital lies the stunning city of Sorrento. A long-time favourite with tourists, Sorrento boasts one of the most enviable locations of any European city. Straddling cliffs that look directly over the Bay of Naples to Mount Vesuvius, it has the Amalfi Coast to the west, Pompeii to the north and the island of Capri off-shore too.


As a tourist haven, Sorrento can of course be expensive and crowded, particularly in the summer, but it’s a great place for anyone who prefers smaller, more compact cities. Its proximity to Pompeii also makes it a good choice for history buffs, and the sandy beaches and boat routes to Capri also make it a popular option with sun-seekers and watersports enthusiasts.

The school in Sorrento offers General, Individual, Combined, Intensive, Language + Singing and Exam Preparation Italian courses at a variety of levels. Accommodation options include host family lodgings, and a room in a shared apartment.


The most southerly of all three cities in Campania, Salerno has a great coastal location and a beautiful medieval centre. It has a lovely tree-lined seafront promenade, perfect for strolls on those summer evenings, and a mass of open air cafes where you can watch the world go by. Salerno is less busy than Sorrento, and less chaotic than Naples and as such benefits from a much more relaxed atmosphere.


This attractive coastal resort is a great option for anyone looking for the sea and sunshine of the Amalfi coast, but without the crowds and the sky-high prices. The fact that Salerno attracts less tourists than the other cities also makes it a good destination for an immersion programme – fewer people will speak English, giving you more opportunity to practise your Italian.

The school in Salerno offers General, Individual, Combined, Intensive and Language + Ceramics Decoration Italian courses. Students are placed in host family accommodation or shared apartments.

Language Travel Magazine - January 2011

This article by Gillian Evans takes an in-depth look at language schools in Latin America and student trends over the last five years.  Alex Wolfson from Cactus is quoted: “Clients realise that Latin America offers much better value than Spain for courses of three weeks or more,” he says.  Argentina is their number-one Latin American destination because, says Wolfson, “there are son many things to do there and because you get European quality at Latin American prices”.