Top 5 Italian and activity courses in Italy

1. Italian and windsurfing in Tropea

Located in the region of Calabria, in the so-called ‘foot’ of the Italian boot, Tropea is an attractive little town that boasts some beautiful sandy beaches and shimmering blue waters. It’s an idyllic place both to study Italian and learn how to windsurf – this part of the course is carried out with a maximum of four participants and is taught by an experienced instructor. Although there are a range of Italian courses on offer (from beginners to advanced), the windsurfing course is specifically for beginners.

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2. Italian and tango in Turin

As the location for the 2006 Winter Olympics and the home of Fiat cars, Turin might seem like an unlikely candidate for the title of ‘Italy’s capital of Tango’.  In recent years though, this is exactly what the city has become and the Italian language school in Turin is now offering students the chance to make the most of this new found accolade.  Choosing a combined Italian and Argentine tango course will allow you a one evening or Sunday dance class per week, although you can also book extra private tango lessons.

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3. Italian and ceramics decoration in Salerno

Looking out over the Bay of Salerno, with the stunning Amalfi coast extending north, Salerno enjoys a wonderful location with magnificent sea views. image The town has a well preserved and attractive medieval centre and is full of buzzing piazzas with cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the area’s warm climate. The Italian and ceramics course offers students the chance to learn about the local art and decoration of ceramics in a typical local crafts laboratory in Vietri (Salerno), the most famous centre for ceramics in Italy. Teachers are professional craftsmen specialised in the teaching of ceramics, and will demonstrate the age-old methods of creating and decorating objects and vases to students.

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4. Italian and cooking/wine in Bologna image

Let’s face it – food in general in Italy is good…in fact, it’s great! There’s one city in particular that seems to be synonymous with gastronomy though, and that’s Bologna.  With its Italian and cooking/wine tasting course, our partner school in Bologna offers students the chance to get a real insight into how the region’s best food and wine is made.  Included in this is two evenings of cooking (Tues + Thur from 7pm – 11pm) when students learn the basic skills necessary to prepare authentic Italian dishes, a wine tasting event where students are taught how to recognise different types of wine and to choose the best combinations of wine and food, and lastly, a visit to a weekly market where students learn about choosing and buying the best ingredients. A unique opportunity to learn from the best!

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5. Italian and scuba diving in Taormina image

Situated on a terrace of Mount Tauro, overlooking the enticing Ionian Sea and with spectacular views of Mount Etna to the west, it’s easy to see why Taormina has been long been a popular tourist destination. One of its greatest attractions is its warm climate and clear waters, which make it a perfect place to learn how to scuba dive. The scuba diving course, held over one afternoon, is offered in conjunction with a general Italian course, and is designed for people with no previous diving experience.

*Please note that a scuba course for experienced divers is also available in Taormina

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