Learning Arabic: language learning resources online

Taking a language course is a great step towards becoming fluent in a language. It’s not all about sitting in a classroom though; there are plenty of ways to develop your written, spoken, listening and reading skills through self-study between lessons, and we are lucky to have a huge variety of fun and interactive products at our fingertips to enable us to do this. Of course it’s good to mix up your learning methods to work the different language skills, but each person will have a method that suits them best, and once you’ve found yours – whether it’s watching a film, reading foreign papers online or listening to a podcast – you can use this to your advantage to consolidate, and vastly improve, your chosen language between lessons.

At Cactus we have collaborated with our vast network of experienced teachers to bring you recommendations of ways to improve your language in your own time outside class. In this article we’re going to look at Arabic language learning resources online; this includes useful material such as basic greetings and Arabic word-of-the day as well as more in-depth grammar, vocabulary and verbs. We have graded each website according to the level it is aimed at.

Learn Arabic online https://www.learnarabiconline.com/ Beginners
Learn Arabic online https://www.livemocha.com/ All levels
E-learning website https://www.ajeeb.com/ All levels
Greetings in Arabic https://www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone/clips/hello-and-welcome-in-arabic/758.html Beginners
Arabic word-of-the-day https://www.transparent.com/wotd/today/arabic.html All levels
Arabic translation https://mylanguages.org/arabic_translation.php All levels

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