10 reasons why summer language camps abroad are a great option for teenagers

Here are some great reasons to consider it as an option this year…

Progress and development

1. Tuition at language camps is provided by qualified, experienced, native-speaker teachers. As a result, the quality of teaching that students get is very high, and the effects all the more noticeable.

2. Language camps attract students from all over the world, which means that they have to use the local language every day in order to communicate with each other – this is great for practising what they have learnt in lessons.

3. The experience of living away from home in a foreign country will fill any student with a great sense of self-confidence and achievement, which will really help their personal development.

4. Spending a summer with students from other countries will mean that they can make friends from all over the world, and gain an all-important insight into other cultures.

5. Making foreign friends that they want to stay in touch with will give them an incentive to keep up their language skills!

Special considerations for young learners

6. Students are accommodated in safe, comfortable lodgings. They usually have the choice between on-site, supervised residences and carefully vetted host families.

7. Full in-country care is offered by the course provider, which means that students and parents can feel confident in the level of support provided.

8. The food offered to students is designed to be healthy and nutritional, and can be adapted for any special dietary needs that students may have.

9. Language camps vary in length, and you can choose to send your child for anywhere between 1 and 4 weeks, depending on how comfortable they feel being away from home.

Fun options for free time

10. A variety of interesting activity options and excursions to places of interest are included in the programme, which ensures that the students can relax and have fun, as well as learn…

Summer language camps are available in Spain/Costa Rica,/Mexico/Uruguay, France/Canada, Italy, Germany/Austria/Switzerland and China, and are generally available to students over the age of 10.

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