Meze Magazine - August 2011

This article in the business section of Meze magazine takes a look at virtual learning options for business people pushed for time.  “If you do business in countries where English isn’t the first language, it pays to be able to do more than order beer and sausage – and being short of time isn’t an excuse.  There’s no need to leave your desk or hotel room when you can lean a language in real time on Skype.  You can speak to trainers freom all over the world and benefit from the extra motivation of having intense, face-to-face training.  Cactus Language Training, whose past clients include big corporations like Goldman Sachs, Deloitte and Credit Suisse have a pool of international trainers available on Skpye for around £29 per house.  ‘All you need is broadand, a headset and a web cam you are ready to log-in,’ says Cactus PR manager Lucy Brandt. “This executive product is for those who have no time to do a session in a training centre.”

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