Great value Italian courses abroad

Here, we bring you our top three cheapest General Italian Courses of 20 lessons per week, so you can get out there and enjoy la dolce vita for less…

1. Venice

Afternoon Summer Budget Course (20 lessons per week) – £149 / $227

Italy’s northern city of Venice is one of life’s must-sees. A unique and beautiful network of canals weave their way through the city, a maze of narrow cobblestone streets leading off them, and the overall feeling is one of great history and romance. Come here off-season and the crowds have gone, leaving you to enjoy the city as the locals do, dipping in and out of iconic landmarks such as St Mark’s Square and the Basilica and stopping for a coffee as and when you please. The great thing about this Afternoon Budget Course, available for start dates until 26th September, is not only the price; you’ll be able to enjoy all that the city has to offer during the day (and even lie in if you want to…shh) and then take classes from 4.30-8.30pm. 

* After 26th September, students can take the Italian General Course of 20 lessons per week for £209 in Venice, with classes usually taking place in the morning.

2. Bologna

Italian General Course (20 lessons per week) – £219 / $341

Bologna is a lively university city in Italy’s northeast, boasting a fascinating history that dates back to the 6th century BC. Nicknamed the ‘Red City’ for the warm colour of its rooftops and porticoes, it is elegant and embracing in a way that the larger hubs of Rome and Florence can perhaps never be. imageCome here to learn Italian and you’ll not only be immersed in incredible culture and history, but you’ll also be treated to some of the best food in Italy. Claiming to be Italy’s culinary capital, Bologna is the true home of Italian staples such as lasagna, tortellini, spaghetti bolognese (or ‘tagliatelle al ragú’ as the Italians call it), balsamic vinegar and mortadella. You might save money on your language course, but this could easily be spent on satisfying your taste buds instead!

3 (joint). Milan, Turin & Taormina

Joint third in our list of cheapest Italian courses come our General Courses of 20 lessons in the sophisticated fashion capital of Milan, the academic centre of Turin and the Sicilian town of Taormina. Each priced at £229 / $354, they offer fabulous value on learning Italian in wonderful surroundings.

Italian General Course (20 lessons per week) in Milan – £229 / $354

Italian General Course (20 lessons per week) in Turin – £229 / $354

Italian General Course (20 lessons per week) in Taormina – £229 / $354

NB. The courses listed above include 20 lessons per week which is the standard General Course. Students wanting less tuition at a lower price may like to consider the Italian Conversation Course (10 lessons per week) in Genoa for £189 / $299, the Italian General Course (15 lessons per week) in Siena for £189 / $299, the Italian General Course (15 lessons per week) in Turin for £189 / $299, or the Italian General Course (15 lessons per week) in Rome for £199 / $312.

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