Visit San Sebastian this November and feast on the delights of Gastronokima

November 2011 will see the 13th Gastronomika in San Sebastian, and anyone who manages to coincide taking a Spanish course in the city at this time of year will be very lucky indeed. 

The event is attended by some of the world’s top chefs, and includes discussions and demonstrations throughout the three days (20th-23rd November in 2011). The convention focuses on new, evolving and diverse gastronomies from all over the world, although there are also sections dedicated to wines, dining and the hospitality trade. Although the events attracts many industry professionals, it is also open to the general public, who flock in large numbers to enjoy the tastings and demonstrations.

Going to San Sebastian during the Gastronomika would definitely be fantastic, but fear not – if you cant make it at this time of year, you can still enjoy top-class food whenever you go. Aside from the many Michelin-starred establishments, which may be somewhat over-budget, San Sebastian is renowned for its many tapas – or pintxos as they are known here – bars (pictured), which will provide you with some delicious local fare that could arguably rival what any Michelin-starred restaurant could offer.

Cactus offers a range of Spanish courses in San Sebastian, including General Spanish, Individual Spanish, Combined Spanish, Intensive Spanish, Mini-Group Spanish, Juniors Spanish, Exam Preparation Spanish and Spanish and Surfing. Please visit the Cactus Language website for full details or to book a course.

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