Get the year off to a cracking start with an evening language course in North America

* New courses start January 10th onwards in locations across the US & Canada *

1. Cactus is welcoming in 2012 with courses in 16 languages and 6 locations across the US and Canada, so there really is something for everyone! Choose from Boston, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto or Vancouver.

2. Learning a language is an excellent resolution as it will give you a skill that will last way longer than the average resolution – and one that will come in handy on vacation later in the year!

3. If you’ve had a hectic festive season, then it’s proven that giving your brain a workout is the perfect way to de-stress. Learning a language stimulates your mind, stretches your imagination and, ultimately, helps your brain to relax…in fact it can be as effective at reducing stress as opening a bottle of wine.

4. If you’ve decided to de-tox in January then going to an evening language class – and doing home study during the week, if you’re diligent – will take your mind off going out. It will also save you from spending money!

5. We have improved our levels structure so you can be sure of a consistent teaching framework that falls in line with other internationally-recognized language level systems. So what you learn on our courses will be more easily recognized outside of Cactus.

6. When times are tight employers will be looking for that little extra in job applicants. Knowledge of a foreign language is an asset in itself, but it also shows initiative and an appreciation of other cultures, which is valuable in today’s global society.

7. Learning a language enhances your ability to learn in other ways too. If you need a kick-start after the Christmas break, learning a language will encourage cognitive development in areas such as mental flexibility, creativity, problem-solving and reasoning.

8. There are some excellent foreign language movies coming out in 2012, and there’s no better way to appreciate them than with an understanding of the language and culture. Here are 10 foreign language movies to rent on DVD in 2012.

9. With a reduced number of children learning a language at school in 2011, let’s lead by example and show that learning a language is a passport to other cultures and a huge asset when you travel.

10. Let’s face it, January can be a bit depressing sometimes. The excitement of Christmas is over, yet the days are still short and the weather can be miserable. If there was ever a time to take an evening course it’s now. Having a goal such as learning a language will make the weeks pass quickly and make you feel that you’re using the dark evenings productively!

Cactus runs evening and part-time language courses in centers across the US and Canada. Courses run on regular start dates throughout the year, starting in January.

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