Top 10 Christmas gifts for language and travel enthusiasts in North America

1. A language course

Language courses make not only a very useful, but also a very original present for any friend/relative/partner who is interested in learning or brushing up a foreign language. There are hundreds of languages to choose from, and lots of ways to learn – evening courses in the US, immersion courses abroad, or even tailor-made tuition. Give us a call on 1-888-577-8451 (US toll free) for more information.

2. Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel 2012’

A great book for any keen traveler, this guide presents the best destinations, journeys and experiences for 2012. Full of inspiration!

3. Lessons in foreign cooking

Anyone who has visited foreign shores will have tasted new and exotic flavors. Bring some Mexican spice into the life of a loved one by presenting them with a Spanish & Cookery course on Mexico’s beautiful Riviera Maya, in Playa del Carmen, where they will learn how to create some of Mexico’s most delicious dishes in an exotic garden kitchen.

4. Contribution to air travel

If you know someone with impending travel plans, why not help them out with the cost of their flight, or even buy the flight for them? Air travel is not cheap and any contribution will surely be gratefully received.

5. A pocket translator

Anyone who is travelling to countries where foreign languages are spoken could find a pocket translator very useful in a whole range of situations…

6. Downloadable language learning tools for your iPod

If free time is in short supply, a flexible and convenient way to learn a language is to download learning materials on to your MP3 player or iPod. With iTunes vouchers and the like, your friend or relative can download as much material as they like.

7. A travel journal

Lots of people like to write a journal while they travel, and it’s a great way to ensure that once-in-a-lifetime experiences overseas are never forgotten. A leather-bound journal to write in will make a great gift for anyone about to embark on world travels.

8. A charity donation in their name

Donating money to a charity is something that a lot of people would like to do, but is not something that everyone can feasibly afford. Making a donation on their behalf therefore might make a fantastic present. Donations to charities such as World Vision and UNICEF can be made via the Donation4Charity website.

9. A dictionary / phrasebook

They may not be as exciting as downloadable podcasts and other online resources, but dictionaries, verb tables and phrase books are an essential tool for anyone hoping to learn a language.

10. A TEFL course

Gaining a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualification is a great idea for anyone wanting to get out there and see the world. Teaching opportunities exist worldwide, and working in this type of capacity means that you can truly experience the culture of the country in which you are teaching. If this is something that your friend/partner/relative is interested in, why not book them on a weekend and online TEFL course in the location closest to you? New York, San Francisco and Boston are just a few of the locations where such courses are available.

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