Why study English in New York?

In my case, although there are a lot of Koreans in New York, I chose to come here to learn English. I was studying English in Florida and Hawaii because I was worried that I would not have as many opportunities to practise my English in New York, due to the number of Koreans studying here. However, my opinion has changed since I moved to New York.  The number of Koreans did not make a difference for me and in my opinion, it is better to learn English in New York than any other city in the U.S.A.

First, there are many different ways to learn English in New York. There are a lot of things to enjoy such as museums, parks, clubs, famous places and a lot of different types of people. You can learn phrases at museums, restaurants and in the work place, and even listening to homeless people on the street. If you are interested in other aspects of English such as the arts, music, architecture and so on, you can join a society, because New York has millions of societies and clubs. If you know what you are interested in you can easily find it in New York. I think New York has more opportunities for students to learn English than any other city.

JiYeon Song

Korean English Student and Cactus Intern – June to July 2008 – at Cactus New York

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