The tomato fight: top 10 phrases in Spanish to help you survive La Tomatina!

Ever year in a small village named Buñol, near Valencia in Spain, local Spaniards take to the streets, which become a battlefield for their weapon of choice…tomatoes! Check out our top ten ‘La Tomatina’ essential festival vocabulary and phrases!

La Tomatina‘ festival begins on the last Wednesday of August and is part of a week-long Spanish festival. It starts with the palo jamón – the “ham stick” – a greased pole with a piece of ham at the top. While the crowd wait impatiently for someone to try and climb the pole they sing and dance.

Once someone has climbed to the top of the pole and got the ham, a water cannon is fired into the air signalling the beginning of the tomato fight! Then several trucks filled with tomatoes are poured onto the gathered crowd and the locals start throwing them at each other!

If you would like to truly take part in this amazing tomato fight in Spain, then check out our essential vocabulary and phrases to ensure you survive the festival!

Our Top 10 La Tomatina phrases:

Did someone get the ham? ¿Alguien consiguió el jamón?
Let the battle begin! Que comience la batalla!
Watch out! ¡Cuidado!
Behind you! Detrás de usted/de ti!
Take cover! Ponerse a cubierto!
All I see is red Todo lo que veo es de color rojo
Has there been a signal yet? Han dado ya la señal?
Where can I wash my clothes? ¿Dónde puedo lavar mi ropa?
Stop! I’ve had enough! ¡Alto! Ya he tenido suficiente!
I need some rest! Necesito descansar un poco!

Our Top 10 La Tomatina Vocabulary:

the tomato el tomate
to squash aplastar
to hurl lanzar
the ham stick el palo jabón
safety glasses gafas de protección
the battle la batalla
the hose la manguera
projectile el proyectil
dirty sucio
to wash lavar

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