Learn French & eat chocolate…can it be true?

An educational get-away you can just about get away with!

Anyone who’s been putting off that French course now has the perfect reason to book un petit séjour in Paris this autumn. No need to tell your friends back home the minor detail that it may coincide with Salon du Chocolat, 5 days of pure chocolate heaven – no, they can just be impressed with your desire for self-improvement and hopefully not notice your fuller waistline.

Between October 30th and November 3rd, Salon du Chocolat in Paris’ Porte de Versailles brings together over 130 chocolate-makers from around the world in one delicious chocolate fest. From Brazil to Mexico and Gabon to Madagascar, the delectable brown stuff will be brought to you like never before. Covering the entire chocolate-making process from the cultivation of the cocoa bean to the bars you buy in your local shop, with recipes to inspire and life-size models of chocolate to get you drooling, this is the place to learn, taste and, most importantly, indulge…

Chocoholics will be reassured by talks such as ‘Chocolate, a beneficial food – how and why does chocolate provide so much well-being and pleasure?’ and ‘Antioxidants in chocolate: learn everything!’. There’s even a kids workshop and a chocolate awards ceremony to round it all off.

So, how to stage this ‘educational’ get-away? Book a French course in Paris, spend the mornings learning French, and then head over to Salon du Chocolat in the afternoon to practise what you’ve learnt and enjoy some well-earned treats. Et voilà – you’ll come back saying a lot more than ‘oh là là’!

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