NEW Junior language courses after school – starting Jan 2015

Let’s inspire the next generation of language learners!

In response to demand, Cactus is excited to launch new language courses for children in January 2015.

Available in 3 prime locations across London – Clapham, Fulham and Islington – these courses give students aged 7-15 the chance to develop their language skills after school in small, interactive groups.

Languages: French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese
Level: Beginner and elementary
Start date: w/c 12th January 2015
Duration: 10 weeks, excluding half term

Why should your child learn a second language?

The reasons are plentiful!

  • Children soak up languages quickly and easily, developing a natural pronunciation and understanding sentence structure early on
  • Languages provide a fun means to discover other countries and cultures
  • At this age they can enjoy learning through games, songs and other age-appropriate activities
  • Introducing a second or third language while they are young will give them valuable skills for life
  • Language skills are increasingly valued in today’s competitive job market
  • Children who speak more than one language are proven to have enhanced cognitive abilities, better problem-solving and decision-making abilities, and improved results in maths and English
  • The ability to speak another language gives confidence and feels good

Our teachers

With our 15 years of experience teaching languages, Cactus knows that a good teacher can make all the difference, and it’s especially important with children to engage them from the start. This is why we have carefully chosen teachers who have experience teaching languages to children for our junior courses in London – teachers with warm personalities who know how to relate to children and who we know will make classes fun, friendly and inspiring.

Please visit our website for full details and booking of our Junior after-school classes.



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