Top 10 French Rugby Phrases

With the Rugby World Cup 2015 in full swing, things are heating up. We’ve seen a shock Japanese victory and a stunning Welsh win, and supporters from all over the world cheering on their teams!

If you’ll be supporting the French, here are a few French rugby phrases to make you look – and sound – like a pro:

French Rugby Phrases

Que le meilleur gagne ! May the best team win!
Non seulement it est puissant, il est vite ! Not only is he strong, he is fast!
C’était un en-avant, tu sais It was a forward pass, you know
Le ballon est passé entre les poteaux The ball passed between the posts
Il est recompensé He worked hard to get that (un essai = try)
C’est incroyable I can’t believe it
Allez, l’arbitre! Come on ref, you can see something was wrong there!
Quel beau match ! What a great game!
Ça ira mieux la prochaine fois ! Better luck next time!
On est les champions ! We are the champions!

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