Recruiting Language Teachers from all Over the World

Our language teachers are at the core of everything we do, and are integral to the success of our courses. Delivering high quality language teaching guarantees results time after time, and our tutors are highly skilled in assessing and acting upon the needs of our clients with effectiveness and professionalism.

Any teacher wishing to work for Cactus must fulfil stringent criteria and undergo our standard recruitment procedure, as follows:

Cactus Language Teacher Recruitment Procedure:

  1. Prospective language teachers need to complete the online application form, which is then sent to the Cactus Academic team and the Operations Department.
  2. When a suitable teaching contract becomes available, interviews are offered to applicants who satisfy the following criteria:
    – Native speaker (or native speaker level)
    – First degree
    – Specialist language teaching certificate/qualification or other teaching certificate/qualification with significant language teaching experience
    – At least 12 months’ classroom teaching experience
    – The necessary papers to work in the country in question
    * In exceptional circumstances, interviews are offered to applicants who satisfy only three of the above, plus the necessary work papers, e.g. where the applicant has a wide range of experience but no formal qualification
  1. Interviews are conducted over the phone or face-to-face, and include questions on methodology, approach and specific techniques, based on the pre-interview task and example lesson plan. Interview notes are added to the teacher’s online record.
  2. References are followed up once a teacher has been interviewed. When satisfactory references have been received, teachers are placed on the Approved Cactus Trainer Database.
  3. Offers of work are made to teachers when a suitable teaching contract becomes available. Cactus does its utmost to match teacher and client in order to ensure that clients’ language goals are fully achieved.

Cactus Teaching Standards:

  • The teacher will be punctual, presentable and professional at all times
  • Classroom rapport between teacher and students will be warm, respectful and facilitative
  • Learning aims of lessons and the course as a whole will be clear, relevant and shared with students
  • Activities will be challenging, varied, interactive and participative whenever possible and appropriate. They will introduce and practise language that can be applied meaningfully and independently by students
  • Students will be encouraged to participate actively in their own learning progress, both in and out of the classroom
  • Lessons will be managed to ensure all students are involved, and levels of interest are high
  • Any problems with regard to balance, level and ability will be dealt with quickly and appropriately
  • Students will be aware of what they have learnt and how it links to other new language they have encountered before or will encounter later
  • The teacher will seek and be open to feedback, and make any adjustments to course design and delivery as appropriate
  • Over the course, there will be a balanced syllabus of work, covering different skills and content, which will be aimed at achieving the course learning aims at all times.

Full information about Cactus foreign language trainers.