- 4 January 2011

Whether it’s learning a language, making jewellery, writing your novel or, um – beekeeping, the easiest way to keep you New Year’s resolution this year is to sign up for a trip away with an expert. Learn Italian in Sicily: There’s no better place to learn a language than in the country itself, so sign up for a learning holiday with Cactus Language Training, which offers courses in 500 destinations.

The - 4 January 2011

To celebrate the release of the iconic film ‘Gainsbourg’, the Independent is offering a very special holiday to one lucky reader.  We’ve teamed-up with Cactus Language Training and Optimum Releasing to give one Francophile the chance to jet-off and spend a week learning French in the very heart of Paris at one of their top partner schools, Ecole France Langue.

Language Travel Magazine - January 2011

This article by Gillian Evans takes an in-depth look at language schools in Latin America and student trends over the last five years.  Alex Wolfson from Cactus is quoted: “Clients realise that Latin America offers much better value than Spain for courses of three weeks or more,” he says.  Argentina is their number-one Latin American destination because, says Wolfson, “there are son many things to do there and because you get European quality at Latin American prices”. 

Get off the Beaten Path - December 2010

This article written by Anna Downing includes a round-up of interesting and unusual gifts ideas.  “Bonjour! Hola! G’day! If you want to know what these words mean, sign-up for a language courses. You can get gift vouchers from Cactus, which will pay for a language holiday anywhere in the world, or for evening courses in the UK. perfect pressies for adventurous travellers.”

Metro-UK - 4 October 2010

This full-page article written by Lisa Scott, Travel Editor at The Metro, looks at options for learning a language on the move.  It covers a variety of courses around the world, as well as including some interesting facts about languages in general.  Lisa writes: “Learn French while surfing in Biarritz.  Your language classes will take place in the morning, leaving the afternoons free for surfing. £829 for two weeks –”

France Magazine - October 2010

This three-page article, written by Eve Middleton, takes an in-depth look at Cactus’ wine tasting course in Toulouse, from descriptions of the city and school, to the excitement of learning French on location. Eve comments: “Whether you’re new to learning French or you simply just want to brush up on your grammar, the prospect of a language course in France with day-long intensive classes can be somewhat daunting.  A more palatable option is to combine traditional study with a vocational option – not only does this allow you to solidify your syntactical foundations, it all means you can practise your French outside the classroom.  With France’s long-standing reputation for producing some of the world’s best wines, I chose to sample the country’s finest vintages with a combined language and wine course from Cactus Language at the Langue Onze language school in Toulouse.”

Woman and Home - September 2010

This article in Woman and Home magazine takes a look at the top holidays for learning a new skill.  Cactus’ German weekend crash courses are included in the guide, alongside options for learning the language in Italy and taking Flamenco classes in Spain.

Easyjet Magazine - August 2010

This article in EasyJet’s in-flight magazine offers advice for anyone wanting to take a gap year before getting a job.  It explores courses and volunteer programmes that will appeal to a range of different interests.  “Learning a foreign language is an ideal way to experience a different culture and knowing a second language will set you apaprt from other job applicants.  Cactus Language ( offers courses for up to 12 weeks (one week starts at £199), with 20 hours of lessons from Monday to Friday. For an extra cost, you can really immerse yourself in the local lifestyle by staying with a host family.” - 20 August 2010

This article on The Daily Telegraph website is the annual directory of 100 gap year travel companies, essential reading for anyone considering a gap year.  Cactus is featured at number three of 100 companies.

Company Magazine - July 2010

Cactus teamed-up with Company Magazine and Optimum Releasing to offer won lucky reader the chance to win a trip to Paris to celebrate the release of Gainsbourg, a biopic about France’s legendary songwriter and maverick.

Gainsbourg is one of 2010’s most anticipated films, giving an enchanting look at the musician’s early life growing up in 1940s Nazi-occupied Paris, and through his successful song-writing years in the 1960s, until his death in 1991. The film has received excellent reviews and this competition will offer the winner a chance to absorb the real Parisian experience by learning French on location in the heart of the city.