Cactus Teachers Newsletter – September 2015

Welcome to the Cactus Teachers Newsletter, a new monthly newsletter dedicated to our teachers to keep you up-to-date on everything at Cactus. Whether you are currently teaching a course or taking a break for the summer, we’ll be bringing you teaching tips, exclusive offers, news and inspiration – and welcome your comments, too!

1. The Cactus Team: Teacher Support

Meet the Cactus team who will be your main points of contact and provide full support while you are a teacher with Cactus.

2. How To Make Language Classes Engaging

Our best tips for keeping students motivated and maintaining enthusiasm in the classroom, from our academic expert Fay Drewry.

3. Exclusive Teacher Offer: 50% Off Evening Courses

As a Cactus teacher you are entitled to a fantastic 50% discount off our evening language courses across the UK. Simply choose your course on and call us on 01273 830 960 to claim your discount!

4. Language Taster Classes

Before each new term, we run free taster classes in select locations to enable potential students to sample a language lesson and chat to us about their plans. If you would like to run a taster class, let us know!

5. Join our Teachers Facebook Group

If you are not already a member, please join the Cactus Teachers Facebook Group. This group has been created by Cactus to build a language teachers’ community where members can share interesting articles, news, events, photos and more. Currently over 300 members!

6. New locations for October 2015

From the autumn, Cactus will be offering evening language courses in 10 locations across London. New for October 2015 are Clapham and Fulham, and junior courses in Brighton. Our best ever offering of language courses in the UK!

We hope you have enjoyed the first edition of the Cactus Teachers Newsletter. We welcome comments and suggestions for future newsletters, so please do contact us to share your thoughts.

If you have a language learning or language teaching query, please visit our blog or get in contact with us either by Facebook or by Twitter. Alternatively, feel free to contact us here or call to speak to one of our advisors on  01273 830 960.