TEFL Course Abroad: Learn the Language

Taking a TEFL course abroad is a great way to explore a new part of the world and maximise your job opportunities if you wish to teach in the same location

If you are thinking of taking a TEFL course in a non-English speaking country, learning some of the language before you go will make a huge difference to your experience – and make it far less daunting.

Being able to communicate with the locals from the moment you arrive will give you confidence, help you settle in quickly and enable you to really soak up the culture of your host city.

This is especially important if you are planning on teaching in the same city once you have qualified; although you are likely to learn some of the language just by living there, having a good grounding of vocabulary and grammar will make this much easier.

TEFL Course Abroad: How to Learn the Language

An evening language course is an economical and effective way of learning the language before you jet off for your TEFL course abroad.

With courses available in 22 languages and in 17 locations across the UK, there is course for everyone: if you are hoping to take your TEFL course in Prague you can take a Czech evening course, if you have your sights on a TEFL course in Barcelona there are Spanish evening courses at all levels, while those dreaming of qualifying in the beautiful Indian state of Kerala can take a Hindi evening course in London. All courses run for 10 weeks, on start dates throughout the year.

* It’s not too late to book a course starting in January 2016 – to be ready for your TEFL course abroad in 2016! *

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Whatever your plans, Cactus can help you to find the right course for you.

Cactus TEFL is an admissions and advice service for quality teacher training courses worldwide. Cactus works with well-known course providers to offer CELTA, TESOL, equivalent and online courses in over 90 locations across 36 countries. Cactus TEFL also offers free post-course careers advice and support, as well as access to our very own TEFL jobs board and job alerts.

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New Evening Language Courses London

Cactus is excited to be offering new evening language courses in London from October 2015, as well as new Junior language courses in London and Brighton.

Designed to bring language learning closer to you, our new locations for the autumn include adult evening courses in Clapham and Fulham and junior afternoon courses in Brighton. A language course is a great way to do something productive as the evenings draw in – there is a great social atmosphere, it will put a spring in your step and you will have new language skills to show for it at the end!

NEW Evening Language Courses London Clapham:

NEW Evening Language Courses London Fulham:

NEW Junior Language Courses London & Brighton (7-15 years):

Course Information

Our adult evening courses are available in 19 locations across the UK (including 10 locations across London). Courses fit easily into the working week, with one 2-hour lesson on one evening each week for 10 weeks. Many levels are available and it is easy to continue from one language course to the next and progress through the levels.

Our junior afternoon courses are a great way to help your child learn or improve a second language. Available in French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, these courses are divided into ages 7-9, 10-12 and 13-15 and include games, songs and other age-appropriate activities to make language learning fun.

Language courses London: Bond Street, Canary Wharf, Clapham, East London (Aldgate), Fulham, Holborn-Russell Square, Islington, Kings Cross, Tottenham Court Road, Wimbledon.

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Cactus Evening Course Reviews

If you are considering doing an evening language course, first hand feedback and course reviews are a great way to find out what it’s really like. Below are course reviews from our April 2015 intake of evening language courses across the UK.

Chinese (Mandarin) Beginner 1, London Bond Street

“Amazing teacher. Great way to build up language skills. A lot of practice and repetitions for everyone. Really enjoyed it!” Camille

French Beginner 1, London Bond Street

“Tabara is very patient and an excellent teacher. I hope to have her for our next course. Teachers can only do so much in 2 hours – students need to do a little extra between classes to stay up to date. Tabara ensured we had homework but never piled it on us. Loved her classes.” Marcelle

German Beginner 1, London Holborn-Russell Square

“Peggy was fantastic. I found her very easy to talk to and very helpful. She is a great teacher. We had various exercises each lesson and I have learnt a lot from grammar and vocabulary, with lots of reading and writing too. I think I’m well prepared for the next level and I hope it will be with Peggy again.” Joanna

Turkish Beginner 1, London Holborn-Russell Square

“A great introductory course. Harika was a great teacher; it was obvious she cared about the students’ learning and she made sure the lessons were engaging and well planned. The course was exactly what I was looking for and the teacher made sure we all understood. I feel I made good progress – more than I expected.” Ambreen

French Beginner 1, Liverpool

“My Tutor was very good and I’ve made lots of improvement. Now I can go to Paris on my own and be able to communicate.” Bibi

Spanish Beginner 2, Liverpool

“Immersive learning is intensive and a bit like being thrown in at the deep end, but it is very effective! We covered a variety of topics as well as going in depth on grammar use, pronunciation, etc. We had more written and listening work than the Beginner 1 course, which was very helpful.

The teaching was excellent – our teacher was patient, encouraging, explained everything clearly, incorporated individual needs and made classes fun.

We had everything we needed and were provided with any additional materials we asked for.

I couldn’t believe how much I learned in the Beginner 1 course, and the Beginner 2 course has built on that much more than I expected. I feel that I have learned a great deal in a short time and am much more confident in my abilities.” Shelley

Italian Beginner 2, Manchester

“The course is very good, the atmosphere and people are great and Fabiola is an outstandingly good teacher.” Marta

Japanese Beginner, Manchester

“The course was well planned out with a good amount of work set each week. Nicholas is a very good teacher with a good teaching style. He definitely knows his stuff and makes lessons enjoyable. I feel that thanks to the course I now have a solid starting point for continuing to learn Japanese.” Ben

Portuguese Beginner 1, Manchester

“Very effective and enthusiastic teaching. Sara always related our classes to everyday situations and aspects of Portuguese culture where relevant, which made the course interesting and fun.” Paul

Many thanks to all our students who take the time to submit course feedback, as it is important in helping us to monitor and maintain the quality of our courses.

Cactus runs 10-week evening language courses in locations across London and in other major cities across the UK: Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Oxford, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield. Our next courses start in October 2015, with our best ever offering of over 20 languages in 19  locations.

Why not join us for a free taster class and chat to us about your language learning plans?

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