Why use Cactus TEFL to book your TEFL course?

Not only is there information on the different types of TEFL courses available, on how to choose which one will be best for you, and on TEFL in various countries of the world, but it also offers a useful and effective way to compare a huge range of course locations, start dates and prices in one fell swoop.

This is not where our service ends though. There are many other things that we can do for you, and lots of reasons why applying through us will be beneficial to you:

1. The site is an application portal for all the courses that we list on our site. It is quick and easy to both download and submit the application form for your chosen course via our site, and this service is completely free. You will pay exactly the same price for your course, whether you apply via us or you apply direct to the school.

2. We are primarily an internet-based company, but are unique in that we do have a team of knowledgable, experienced advisers at the end of the phone who can help you with any remaining questions or concerns that you have after you have looked through the site. The advice that we give is not only informed and unbiased, it is also free.

3. Many people prefer to apply or book direct rather than via a ‘middleman’, and it’s understandable why. Leaving the updating and advancing of a task to an intermediary means that you have to have confidence in their ability not only to complete the project or booking, but to do so competently and quickly. Fortunately this is an area in which we excel. We process your application as soon as we receive it, and the fact that we’re constantly in touch with our partner schools means that we can keep a close eye on how your application is progressing, and even fast track it if necessary. We can swiftly locate another course for you if the one you want is full. You can easily apply for more than one course at once, and keep track of your applications on My Cactus TEFL.

4. Applying through us for a course abroad is sometimes easier and cheaper communication-wise too as there is someone for you to contact during the same working hours (i.e. there are no issues with time differences) and on the same national call rate.

5. We can help you prepare for your TEFL course as thoroughly as possible, giving you the best chance of gaining a ’pass’ grade, or better. Not only do we provide useful information on what to expect in your interview and on the course itself, but we have also developed a pre-TEFL English Language Awareness course so that trainees get an excellent preparation in English grammar before beginning the course.

6. Once you have booked and completed your course, we can also give you tips on how to go about looking for work. We have lots of contacts within the industry and are fortunate to have a good and up to date insight into what is going on TEFL-wise around the world.

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