German Language with the Experts

The German language is cited as the most useful language in business

in Europe after English, and it has become a priority for many people wishing to advance in the careers across multiple sectors. Leading the way in Europe and with a strong ecomony, both Germany and the German language have come to the forefront on the world platform. German is a required not only by global corporations but also by many SMEs who wish to trade with Germany and take advantage of their buoyant economy. So if you are a keen German language learner we have a lot of interesting information and suggestions for you! And if you have any German language related queries get in contact with us here, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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Top 5 romantic places to learn a language

If you want to show your love but preferably not with 50 other couples crammed into the same restaurant, a lone candle between them, then Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to nip abroad...
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Top 5 cities for Christmas shopping

If you're bored of your local high street or stuck for inspiration, how better to put the fun back into Christmas shopping than with a quick break away? Unusual gifts for loved ones and a sneaky holiday for you - it's a win-win situation!
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Halloween vocabulary in German

If you're going to be in Germany, Austria or Switzerland this Halloween, make sure you read up on our Halloween-related vocabulary before you go...