Tuscan Living Magazine - May 2010

This double-page spread written by Angela West covers her top tips on how to brush-up your Italian skills.  Angela writes: “Want to impress the locals?  Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to improve your knowledge of Italian, there’s a whole wealth of language learning resources out there.  What’s more, you can combine your learning whilst wine tasting, capturing those beautiful Italian landscapes on canvas or aiming for a hole in one on the fairway.”

“It’s not all about sitting in a classroom. Language and activity courses are the perfect opportunity to combine language classes with a whole host of exciting activities, even if you’re a mature student.  Cactus Language Training believe that picking up a language is as much about getting out there and doing it as it is about learning verb tables, so they offer a variety of courses with morning language lessons, leaving the afternoons free to learn a new activity or indulge in an old favourite.  You can also give your body a workout, not just your brain, on a Language and Sport combination course.”


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