How to practise French and Spanish in Boston

If you are interested in speaking other languages while in Boston besides English, you will have an easy time. There are many clubs and events dedicated to second languages in Boston – French and Spanish are just two examples.

There are several internet communities that specifically target the Boston area for French speakers. These communities have meet ups, some weekly and others monthly. Be sure to check out if you speak French and you live in Boston, or check it out if you are planning on visiting Boston and you want to use your French while there. Or you can look at Boston’s Regional French Embassy’s website and check out the events listed. French films, music and art showings are always listed on the site, taking place in and around the city. Lastly, visit the Boston French Library as they hold events revolving around the French language and culture:

Boston also has Spanish societies, events and clubs.  And by “clubs”, I do not mean a classroom where you can go and practice your Spanish – there is actually a group dedicated to everything Latin American in Boston, including nightlife – Here you will find the funkiest activities for Spanish speakers in the metro area. The website also lists the local radio stations that broadcast in Spanish as well as the local Spanish speaking television stations. If you’re looking for a more intellectual outlet, check out the Spanish Literature Club. This group meets locally for a highly interactive Spanish workshop.

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