Top 5 German course destinations this spring


Munich is one of Germany’s most visited destinations, and as with any such city, the busiest time of year in tourism terms in the summer. Visiting in the spring therefore will mean that there are fewer crowds and that that the cost of travel and accommodation won’t be as expensive. Munich’s mass of parkland and green areas also makes it a great place to learn German at this time of year – wandering through the English Gardens, or eating your lunch in the parks around the museum district you’ll be able to enjoy the newly green surroundings and watch the flora and fauna come to life.

In addition, you’ll be able to experience the Munich Frühlingsfest, a cultural festival that takes place over a two-week period on the city’s Theresienwiese (pictured).  Included in the festival offerings and attractions are beer tents, authentic German food, live music acts and scores of fairground rides to enjoy. This year (2011) the festival will take place from 29th April-5th May. 

German courses in Munich


Situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Constance, with the Swiss Alps as a backdrop, Constance is a historic and attractive city. Its proximity to Switzerland ensured that it escaped bombing in the Second World War, and that, as a result, its old town remains beautifully in tact to this day. One of the best times to visit the city is during April and May when fruit trees are in bloom, and the weather is temperate – you’ll be able to take in the beautiful landscape by enjoying outdoor activities like biking, hiking, kayaking and sailing.Constance is a university city, and visiting during the spring will also mean that you get to experience the lively atmosphere that exists during term time when all the students are in residence.

German courses in Constance

Dresden image

Dresden’s sheltered geographical position means that the city enjoys quite a mild climate. Generally speaking the spring time offers warm weather, which allows for lots of sightseeing and al fresco drinking and dining. Activities to enjoy could include a trip down the river Elbe on a paddle steamer, a stroll along Brühl’s Terrace (pictured) and a visit to the beautiful Zwinger Palace. There’s plenty to see and do in Dresden, and in April you’ll also be able to soak up the atmosphere of the Dresden Film Festival, an up and coming international event that is dedicated to short films and animation.

German courses in Dresden

Heidelberg image

With its picturesque setting and maze of cobbled streets Heidelberg’s fairytale feel makes it a lovely place to learn German at any time of year. In the spring time though, as the surrounding hills revert to green and the light evenings enable the city’s thousands of students to enjoy the lively café culture, it is a particularly pleasant place to be. If you’re there over the 30th April, you’ll also experience ‘Walpurgisnacht’, a ritual with pagan roots that stems from the warding off of evil spirits. It exists all over Germany, but in Heidelberg thousands of people from the city head up the wooded hillside to the ‘Thingstätte’ (an open-air amphitheatre) where they spend the night by firelight drinking, eating, dancing and singing with friends and family. It’s a popular event in Heidelberg that many people look forward to all year.

German courses in Heidelberg

Freiburg image

Freiburg is well known in Germany as a city that enjoys lots of days of sunshine each year, and the spring is no exception. As the capital of the Black Forest region, it’s surrounded by beautiful countryside – with hills and vineyards aplenty it offers endless opportunities for all kinds of pursuits, whether it’s wine tasting, hiking or even a spot of end-of-season skiing! The whole Black Forest region is understandably busy during the summer months, but the spring is much less crowded and therefore a fantastic time to go.

German courses in Freiburg

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