Why learn English in Leeds?

1. Lots of students and plenty of entertainment options

Home to two large universities, Leeds is a city with thousands of students, and plenty to keep them entertained. It is well-known for its range of restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas and theatres and is also one of the UK’s premier shopping destinations. It is also home to iconic cricket, football and rugby league grounds that house successful UK sports teams.

2. A multicultural and friendly atmosphere

Leeds is a real mix of ethnicities and cultures, and is therefore very welcoming of international students. It is often said that people in the north of England are especially friendly, and this certainly applies to the local population in Leeds. They are well-known for being ‘down to earth’ and will be happy to teach you about their customs and way of life.

3. A convenient location and good transport links

Equidistant from London and Edinburgh by train, Leeds provides students with a great base from which to explore the UK. It is also home to its own international airport, Leeds- Bradford, which serves a range of European cities as well as long-haul destinations like New York and Islamabad.

4. An affordable place to study

The northern part of of England is generally considered less expensive than the south, and Leeds is a perfect example of this. Students who learn English in Leeds will enjoy much more affordable housing and entertainment than those who choose study in southern cities such as London and Brighton.

5. Beautiful scenery within easy reach image

Leeds is located in West Yorkshire, and although the city itself is quite ‘urban’ in feel you only have to drive for 10 minutes to be out in the countryside – and not just any countryside. Yorkshire is regarded as one of the prettiest county’s in the UK and there are miles of rolling hills and valleys to explore.

Currently, Cactus offers a range of English courses in Leeds, including General English, Individual English, Intensive English, Business English and Exam Preparation English.

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