Palm Beach Post - 22 August 2011

Seasoned travelers know that one of the best ways to get to know a country and its people is to learn the local language. In Europe many people are poly-lingual because it is so easy to cross borders from one country to the next. A trip, comparable to driving from Florida to New York, in Europe could cross a half dozen borders.

Most of us muddle along with high school and/or college language courses that are only good for speaking to the teacher and other students. Cactus Language Training offers the opportunity for immersion lessons that should give students a terrific grounding in speaking and understanding other languages.

There is the opportunity to learn Spanish in Columbia at a school on the banks of the Amazon River; study German in the low-key, untouristy town of Lindau in the shade of the magnificent Alps; or study Russian in Kiev.

The courses are amazingly affordable and begin at $123 per person, sans transportation and accommodations.

For information or call 1-888-577-8451.

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