Learning Italian in Brighton & Venice: Cactus staff review

I have always wanted to learn Italian. A few people around me asked me why I wanted to learn a language which is only spoken in one country. For me, languages should be learnt because you are in love with them. Italian represents a different world of ideas embodied by Pirandello, Dante, Machievelli and Umberto Ecco but also Dylan Dog. It will sound like a cliché but I thoroughly enjoy Italian food too.

I have found that doing an evening language course it is the most cost-effective method to learn Italian in Brighton. I could have gone for private tuition but I also wanted to enjoy the social aspect. A language course is a fantastic way to meet like-minded people who are passionate about traveling and languages. I must admit that I have not been disappointed. All the students in my class are really nice and friendly. They are all fantastic learners too. After ten lessons, we are able to communicate formally and informally to people and are able to interact in Italian for most of everyday life situations such as ordering food in a restaurant, finding our way, writing an email or speaking on the phone. I am now able in my job at Cactus to talk in Italian to my Italian teachers and even to write emails in the language of Dante.

My teacher Roberta Bonfa’ has been truly amazing. Roberta is very dedicated and energetic. The classes were always fun and informative. She has always been incredibly supportive and has given me and all the students the opportunity to send her emails in Italian. She has met the requirements of the course curriculum but as my group progressed pretty quickly, Robert asked us what we wanted to learn. For instance, we have studied the lyrics of a famous song called ‘Caruso’ as a girl from my group liked this song.

I enjoyed my Italian course so much that I have decided to further my Italian skills by taking an Italian language holiday in Venice with Cactus. The accommodation facilities are in an old cloister on an island just opposite the main island. I can’t wait to be there!

I chose Venice because I have always dreamt to visit ‘la Serenissima’. Venice is a literary dream that I am looking forward to exploring and cannot wait to share ‘le mie photographie’. A presto!

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