Everyone is a winner!* The Olympics Cactus style

All our London language courses will take a 2-week Olympics break from Fri 27th July – Fri 10th August.

As we all know, it can be a nightmare getting around London at the best of times and according to recent Transport for London adverts, this is set to only get worse during the Olympics, affecting both public transport and roads.

We’re therefore taking a 2-week Olympics break – so whether you’re staying to watch, heading for the hills, or have been lucky enough to secure some tickets – you won’t lose out, have to miss any lessons or get hot under the collar trying to fight your way through the crowds to get to us.

All London courses will ‘resume normal service’ from Sat 11th August and will run for an extra two weeks to make up for the break. So you get the full course you paid for, without having to compete for a seat on an overcrowded bus or train or miss your favourite event. 

Book your language course in July with confidence, knowing that we’ve got you covered!

*Applies only to Cactus students, no guarantees can be made for Team GB. We would however like to wish all athletes the best of luck!

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