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Succeeding in International Markets: Weekend Events

In a world where international clients are ten times more likely to do business with someone who speaks their language, taking the time to understand the language and culture of your business clients has never been more important.

Indeed, it has been estimated that the UK economy loses around £48 billion each year, or 3.5% of GDP, due to poor language skills, a lack of cultural understanding, and the assumption that everybody speaks English [source: Language skills deficit costs the UK £48bn a year, The Guardian].

With our expertise in delivering high quality language tuition combined with cross-cultural training, Cactus has designed a series of intensive weekend events entitled ‘Succeeding in International Markets’. These courses will equip you with the skills and confidence you need to establish and develop successful business relationships in specific markets, and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

The Key Components to Success – Course Features:

  • Acquire valuable insights into B2B and B2C cultural behaviours and norms that will enhance your negotiation techniques and marketing strategies
  • Understand management and communication styles, values and attitudes, to help win business in your target market
  • Adopt correct body language, gestures and etiquette that will leave a favourable impression on your partners and clients
  • Learn essential phrases and expressions in the target language that will help you to establish positive relationships with colleagues, partners, clients and suppliers
  • Gain practical strategies for overcoming the challenges of conducting business in specific markets (see list below)
  • Network with like-minded professionals

Succeeding in International Markets – Available Courses:

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Succeeding in International Markets courses run throughout November 2015 in Holborn, Central London.

“If I want to sell you something, we speak English. If you want to sell me something, dann sprechen wir Deutsch.” Willy Brandt, Former Chancellor of Germany

Cactus Language Training specialises in organising language courses for individuals and groups, having done so since 1999 for clients all over the globe and for diverse needs and budgets. We are able to tailor a language course to suit your specific learning needs, anywhere in the world and whenever is convenient to you. In addition to language training we also offer cross-cultural training, translation services, HR language assessment and elocution and pronunciation.

If you have a language learning or language teaching query that you can’t find the answer to, please get in contact with us either by Facebook or by Twitter, or contact us here.