5 top locations to learn Italian this Fall

Here’s our pick of the best places to learn Italian this Fall…

1. Bologna

‘La Dotta, la Grassa, la Rossa’ is apt description for this lively city in Italy’s north-east. So called for its academic tradition, culinary excellence and ubiquitous red-brick roofs, Bologna is a great spot for students, food lovers and those wanting to soak up Italian culture in beautiful surroundings. Join the Italians in what they do best with an Italian, Cooking & Wine course.

Italian courses in Bologna, Italy

2. Palermo

Sicily’s capital city is ideal for those seeking some Fall sunshine with a good dose of culture thrown in. A cradle of ancient civilisations and crossroads of cultures between East and West, Palermo is also a great place to sample Sicily’s sumptuous cuisine – a delicious blend of Arabic, Greek and Italian dishes with simple, natural ingredients such as fish and meat. And we’re not even going to mention the sweet stuff – irrestible, even when you know you’ve got to squeeze into that bikini later…

Italian courses in Palermo, Italy

3. Rome

Italy’s famous and historic capital city is a natural hub for tourists and students, and it’s easy to see why. The Eternal City, as it is known, is legendary, captivating and beautiful. It’s deserving of far more than a city break – if you’re serious about learning Italian, Rome makes a magnificent base and you can enjoy a discount of 10%, or 2 weeks’ free course, when you book a General Course for 12 weeks or more.

Italian courses in Rome, Italy

4. Tropea

If it’s good enough for the Italians, it’s good enough for us. A much-loved summer location for holidaying Italians, Tropea is a pretty little town perched 42m above the deep blue Tyrrhenian Sea in the southern region of Calabria. Come Fall, when the crowds have gone, you can pick your spot on the beach, find a seat in a cosy trattoria and enjoy it for what it should be.

Italian courses in Tropea, Italy

5. Florence

Much as we try to vary our recommendations, Florence often manages to squeeze its way in, and with reason. An Aladdin’s cave of basilicas, frescoes, piazzas and palazzos, set in rolling Tuscan countryside, this is Italy on a postcard. You can spend hours exploring the city’s museums, churches and restaurants, but the great thing is you can also easily visit medieval Siena, less than an hour and a half away, and Tuscany’s charming villages and vineyards.

Italian courses in Florence, Italy

Cactus offers Italian courses in over 20 locations across Italy, as well as evening language courses in Italian in the US & Canada.

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